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Method Health Store - Biological Age Test
Biological Age Test
The test analyzes your average telomere length in white blood cells compared to the normal reference range for your age-matched population.
Method Health Store - Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease and IBS Test
Celiac, IBS, and Crohn’s Array Test
Evaluates your genetic risk for celiac disease, Crohn's disease and IBS.
Chromium - Method Health Store
Chromium 500mcg
Promotes healthy glucose and lipid metabolism.
Method Health Store - Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test
Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test
The Alcat Test measures cellular reactions to over 450 substances.
Method Health Store - Hormone Support
Hormone Support
Estrogen Metabolism and Detoxification Support Formula.
Method Health Store - Iron Support
Iron Support
This form of iron has higher bioavailability, lower toxicity, less food reactivity, less food interactions and has a longer shelf life.
Method Health Store - Liver Support
Liver Support
Liver Support contains the amino acid N-acetyl-L-cysteine, a key component of glutathione.
Method Health Store - Methylation Support
Methylation Support
Supports Cardiovascular and Neurological Health
Method Health Store - Advanced Methyl Detox Test
MethylDetox Test
Tests critical genes in the methylation pathway.
Milk Thistle Extract
Milk Thistle Extract
(300mg) Liver Support Formula* with Artichoke & Dandelion.
Method Health Store - Omega Pure
Omega Pure
Alaskan IFOS Five-Star Certified Enteric-Coated Fish Oil.
Probiotic Max
Probiotic Max
30 Billion CFU Probiotic
Method Health Store - Thyroid Support
Thyroid Support
Provides Essential Nutrient, Herbal, and Glandular Support for Production of Thyroid Hormones.
Method Health Store - Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12
Provides a highly bioavailable form of vitamin B12 found in nature.
Method Health Store - Vitamin C
Vitamin C Advanced
Supports Immune and Antioxidant Systems, Production of Collagen, Carnitine, and Neurotransmitters.
Vitamin D3K2
Vitamin D3K2
Bioavailable Vitamins K2 (as MK-7) and D3